Thursday, April 28, 2011

This week in Trailer's

Possible the one I'm most excited about it the new DLC pack for Call of Duty Black Ops, more specifically the New Zombie map pack the "Call of The Dead" which has the powerhouse of celebrities playing for the most part their cinema dopplegangers.

 Danny Trejo is clearly dressed as his most recent ass kicking character MACHETE, He even says his tagline "YOU F*!@ED WITH THE WRONG MEXICAN!"

 Sarah Mitchell Gellar is wearing red hot pants with a black tank top which was the main staple of her character in Buffy the vampire slayer.
Her other staples are bad puns
Robert Englund's doppleganger (for those of you who don't already know) was the original Freddy Kreuger in Nightmare on Elm Street. He's wearing his signature fedora and while not brandishing his spikey glove, does wield a 5 fingered pitch fork (He even says "This must be a Nightmare *wink *wink)
Not pictured: Subtlety
Michael Rooker is from the INSANELY AWESOME hit TV show "The Walking Dead" (If you watched the show you know which character I'm talking about) And says his catchphrase "Don't with me Boi")

And including an insane special guest that's been a long time coming.
Anyways that's what really got me excited about coming soon stuff this week catch you guys later.


  1. Those aren't hot pants silly!
    This is what hot pants are:

  2. Oh snap, is that what I saw on someone else computer??


  3. There's another pack coming out for CoD? Damn, I miss having my Xbox...

  4. How much money can COD milk out of its players

  5. What happened to the days when games you purchased were completely finished and included all their content?