Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fire is bad

Alright so as I was cleaning my backyard concrete patio the other day and I swept a bunch of trash and other miscellaneous items into a pile to throw away. I happened to have a box of matches in my pocket so the little devil on my right shoulder thought I thought why not just burn it into non-existence instead of throwing it away?
So I lit a match and bing bang boom it was gone in a puff of flames that I put out with my foot and then water.   About 20 min later I see my little brother in the back putting out a slightly larger fire than the one I had just set.    (this is the part where things aren't my fault) Apparently my little brother though it to be a good Idea to follow my example and burn his trash too only his fire got set a little too close to the grass and set some leaves on fire accidentally. So he got the fire hose and put that out and completely doused it in water. We both leave and go inside, he goes to his room and I take a nap, about 40 min passes and my mom comes home telling me to get up and deal with the smoke in the backyard. I go check and nearly shit a brick when I see that half of my backyard is on fire. 
Thankfully my brother got the hose and avoided what could have been very bad...but then again it was his fault. 

Till more adventures catch you later


  1. Silly Clark Kent, you are but a man.
    Not Firestom

    I find it even funnier that there's a link to a Hydro services website next to your blog

  2. Holy crap that sounds bad. Glad no one was hurt

  3. @Reilly It was always burnin since the worlds been turnin.